A.P. U.S. History Notes

OPENING STATEMENT Allie Zeznick, Jenna Berry, and Devon Tayman Mr. DeCarlo APUSH 10 February 2016 Pro US Entering Great War Essay “A government’s first obligation is to protect its people.” This quote by Ronald Reagan perfectly describes the United States’ foreign policy during The Great War.  With unrestricted submarine warfare underway by the time we […]

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The Manhattan Invitational

So I let my friends have my camera for one second…            Clearly, Paul is the man of the hour. Because of this, how ’bout a “V4PORS” appreciation edit? Note: For some strange reason, a section of the rap battle was muted. The lyrics go, “with the fire from K-Dizzle’s glock.” Additionally, if […]

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Happy birthday Bryn. As a side note, the stock photo used in the thumbnail is ridiculously low effort. They apparently couldn’t find enough people so you might find that some of the people in the picture appear twice.

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