It must be said, in addition to my somewhat uninviting, if not salty, introduction, that I wanted the title of my site to be </endpost> in the hopes that the visually attractive form of code would be allowed. On the contrary, any sort of </> command was forbidden from my title, meaning that I was, and am, stuck with my normal, lame, and non-spicy title. This, while unacceptable, is to be tolerated and endured. My struggle for non-mediocrity is hindered by this terrible obstacle presented by WordPress (the wonderful providers of my free domain) and I am clearly trekking through a life not worth living. It is most unfortunate that I am unable to express my creative side in the very title of my little slice of the vast internet, and it is most disappointing that as a dutiful and somewhat broken citizen, I am unwilling to do anything about the problem currently glaring unchageably at me. While unchangeably may or may not be a word, I find my consolation in the fact that I am at least aware that even a little effort to reach out to representatives of WordPress could help me. I am aware that I am being oafish and stagnant. I am aware that in the surging future I am probably a blip of nothing; but then again everyone knows that. I am aware that everyone knows that? No, everyone knows that everyone knows that they are all blips. Maybe I know that people know that everyone knows that everyone else is a blip. It is more likely, in comparison, that I would know nothing about life, meaning, or existence. For the record, I am very grateful for WordPress and their easy and beautiful experience for this website’s creation.

As a later addition to this segment, it is to be noticed that the title of the site is no longer Endpost, nor is it </endpost> or anything related. I simply cannot think of a title for this site at the moment. I have decided that Endpost would be a good title for a social media, sharing type website; it would not be a fitting title for a small page that is not meant for user to user interaction. The title space is now currently occupied by a fair amount of claptrap, a pinch of ballyhoo, and much codswallop. The preceding words mean nonsense, and were found using Microsoft Word’s thesaurus function. [Addition dated 3/15/2015, the day after the pi day of the century]

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