Stream of Consciousness: Episode 1

Before I begin, I’d like to point out that the stream featured in some of the pictures of this post is NOT in any way meant to be the Stream of Consciousness. That being said, it’s a pretty damn good pun.

This article is meant to serve as a very censored examination of my thoughts. It is censored not in an anti-sexual way (although in some cases it is), but the overly extraneous or inappropriate thoughts are omitted. Some pictures will accompany my thoughts.


Stop eating my food, Kingsly.


Done with AP Euro. Damn, I haven’t been outside once today, I’d better go. Oh, I know, I’ll do a blog website post about my thoughts while I’m in the park. I’ll bring my camera and make a video. Oh wait, the free trial expired on my editing program. Pictures, I guess.

Oh, expletive, I can’t find my charger for my camera. Did I leave it in one of the following places?

  • SUNY Binghamton at Odyssey of the Mind state championships
  • The West Irondequoit track meet
  • School
  • My room
  • The basement
  • My mom’s purse (I like this choice best because she’s on a business trip and therefore I can blame her for not checking her purse)
  • One of my coat pockets

In fact it was in none of those places, it was under the fold down seats in the back of the family van, which is why they weren’t able to fold all the way down. Good, I thought I was going to have to  spend “my” money on it. Now charge like you’ve never charged before. 

Alright, five minutes ought to be enough. What time is it?


Okay, not too late. Get changed from church mode to explorer mode


Sweet, now I can head out. But I’d better leave a note


These pictures are getting annoying. Whatever, at least I’m outside and it feels GOOD.


Okay head down to the stream now. Ooooh, is that skunk cabbage? It really is spring now, wow.


Okay Devon, you can do this. Do NOT play in the skunk cabbage. You don’t even want to. Skunk cabbage is girl repellant. You do not want to play in the skunk cabbage.


Damn. Oh, look at the bridge.


It’s a little wobbly. Hey come to think of it, wobbly’s a funny word. Wobbly wobbly wobb-


Ooooh if I took a picture of my foot it’ll look like I’m walking. Oh, darn you can tell by the shadow that I’m clearly not walking. Well, at least the readers might not be able to figure it out.


Wow are there a lot of bridges here. I wonder if they’re man made or not. Probably not.


That’s a nice oak tree. Or pine. Or hemlock. Or Fir. Or maybe it’s a cactus. It’s probably just a big lemon. I’m a Boyscout I know this stuff.


Wow, more bridges. This one is definitely man made. This is not a coincidence anymore, these are ALL man made. I know that for sure I think.


Oh, hey look a sapling.


I wonder if this lone tree, clearly thriving and bright green, surrounded by dead or dying plants all in a monotonous tan, is supposed to symbolize hard work or something. It’s more likely that if there’s any symbol it’s that the tree is man made and that you can always do better when everyone else does the real work for you. Whatever.

Oh hey look at the clear water. That’s pretty cool.


It would be a shame if anyone splashed it…


I wonder if the fact that even though both pictures are pretty bad, the one where I decided not to disrupt the calm is marginally better. Probably just the voices in my head being intrusive again. They simply will not shut up; they have no manners. Is that supposed to be a semicolon? Ha, colon.


Boy, that was fun. This island ROCKS. Get it? Rocks? There’s rocks on the island…


That’s a big pile of sticks. Cool.


Damn beavers. Haha, beaver dams, damn beavers… I’m just too good.


Oh hey, more symbolism. Enjoy yourself while you’re young, as seen in the fact that this beautiful bud will one day be a boring leaf. Or something.


Wow, a bone. Look at how it’s honeycomb structure allows for a lightweight construction without sacrificing rigidity. Maybe it means I should learn to change rather than force the environment to change. Or maybe, since the bone is dead, it means that change is evil.


Hey, there’s an idea! The more you let others know about you, AKA clear water, the more beautiful you are. But I did read somewhere that clear water tends to have less life in it than darker, more murky water. 


Oh, look at how when all the lines on the bark work together to go the same direction, something far greater than one line by itself is achieved. But the bark is on a dead log. Note to self: do not assimilate with others.


Sometimes the most beautiful flowers have the sharpest thorns. But screw thorns. I hate thorns. Therefore the flowers are not beautiful because hate is an ugly thing. And thorns are designed to keep things away from the plant. Why can’t the plant be more social? I hate thorns.


I’m a rebellious and angsty teen, Ma. Look at me go!


I wonder if this bad decision had anything to do with the fact I almost fell into the creek due to poor trail conditions. I wonder that, but I’ll never really know for sure. Oh, speaking of trees, look at how this huge tree was once a tiny seed. Does that mean I should persevere? No, it’s more likely that it means some people are more gifted than you and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Does this shallow depth of field represent the fact that focusing on one thing and devoting everything to it produces beauty and success? No, instead it means that I should probably have taken this picture in better light; better light would produce better colors and allow for more things to be focused on.


Audobon Lane? More like Audobon LAME!!! OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that was good.


Now that I’m done, please tell me in the comments below if this sucked, but be sure to tell me why it sucked. Also, if you’re allergic to bad posts AVOID at all costs. Also, is a great website. Also, I just made 75 cents advertising the above websites. Also, the prior statement is a lie, I just enjoy taking at least a little credit for people finding things they like that I didn’t make.

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