TRACK MEET 5/2/2015

Today was the His and Her Invitational track meet in Penfield, New York. Most of my pictures are pretty bad; I was more interested in the races themselves than taking pictures, but feast your eyes on the unparalleled mediocrity. Captions included.

First, there were some flowers in the fields before any races started so here’s that.

DSC_1285  DSC_1303

As a side note, that second picture is an extreme close up. The following is a picture with my hand and the same flowers for scale.


Here’s some people long jumping. I found that with almost all of my twenty or so pictures of jumps, people looked very non-athletic and awkward when captured in a still frame. This were the only ones in relatively clear focus. The second I used a technique called panning, which in simple terms makes the moving object look super fast.

DSC_1325  DSC_1332

Girls make better subjects for running photos because of their swishy swashy hair. Here’s some good examples.

DSC_1338  DSC_1333  DSC_1343

Our 4 x 800 meter relay team cleaned up. One member was not photographed due to a nearby hot dog stand.

DSC_1344  DSC_1350

DSC_1355  DSC_1357

No, the last two shots of the same runner doesn’t mean that he ran for two legs. Here is a perfect example of the fact that weird faces make you run faster.


The below picture was the missing leg of the 4 x 8 but in this he was running the open 400.


The steeplechase is a 3000 meter run that involves the jumping of hurdles–one of which is followed by a pit filled with water. This particular race really was a splash hit with the crowd.

DSC_1455  DSC_1449

DSC_1466  DSC_1451

DSC_1423  DSC_1392

The following are just random pictures that don’t belong in any category. That or I couldn’t come up with one.

DSC_1514  DSC_1505

DSC_1485  DSC_1486

DSC_1528  DSC_1492


The next pictures are of pole vaulting. The first looks like she’s balancing on the pole like a tightrope, and the second looks like he’s kicking the crowd.

DSC_1471  DSC_1490

A colleague of mine, Nathan Lawler, ran a superb 1600 today with a time of 4:32. What is more important than that is that he ran faster than Jesus himself. He is seen in the foreground of the first picture where his head is on fire with red hair, and Jesus is in orange on the far right. He is also the subject of the second picture. The third features both athletes; Nathan behind the other maroon-jersey-wearing athlete, Evan Fiegal/Feigal/Fiegel/Feigel/Feyegull/Feighgill/Figl (pronounced Fie-gull), and Jesus in the front. The last picture shows Nathan making his final surge to his third place finish, and Evan close behind.

DSC_1526  DSC_1524

DSC_1523  DSC_1533

Well, those are the only good pictures I had today, but if you are featured here and wish to be removed from the website, leave a comment. If you are featured here and want to be mentioned, leave a comment.

Stay fast,


I probably shouldn’t sign these.

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