Summer 2015

The summer of 2015 is now drawing to a close. With less that a week until I go back to high school as a junior, I thought that I’d dump the best of an obscene amount of photographs that I have clogging up my memory cards.

This series of pictures features Washington state, half desert and a lot of Seattle. We spent two weeks here, so I was bound to take at least a few pictures. (In total I think I amassed around 50 gigabytes worth of pictures.)e

DSC_0931  DSC_0939

My extremely wealthy Aunt owns an eight bedroom “cabin” on the Peugeot Sound and this spectacular view is flanked to the left by the Seattle skyline. I suppose it’s an okay place to stay. Unfortunately Mr. Baldy got in the way of our view.

DSC_0902 DSC_0900 DSC_0899 DSC_0898 DSC_0897 DSC_0894 DSC_0895 DSC_0887 DSC_0877 DSC_0878 DSC_0875 DSC_0870 DSC_0864 DSC_0904

This was probably the most amount of pictures I’ve taken of a single subject at one time. The vast majority of these pictures are 30 second long exposures of a Seattle ferris wheel. I’m sure it’s famous and has a name, but all I could tell you is that it’s on pier 57.

DSC_0848  DSC_0948DSC_0977

I honestly having nothing to say about these photographs that would inform you any more about them than looking at them. I suppose that that’s the best type anyway.


This is the view from the Space Needle, where we celbrated our Grandmother’s ninetieth birthday. No, we didn’t eat at that restaurant at the top, we rented out an entire lower floor. That ragtag place up top is where the peasants eat. If that wasn’t enough, we also ate at The Ruins. Look it up.

DSC_1164 DSC_1156

This is another long exposure, but I thought it looked rather interesting when the camera stayed stationary on the boat, thus providing the unblurred part of the boat jutting into the picture, but as the boat moves, the background streaks across the frame.


The clouds in Washington are simply massive.


These playground machines that Coriolis effect are incredibly fun and also highly effective at making your mother upset at you for being too active when your arm is broken.

DSC_1271 DSC_1240 DSC_1218 DSC_1188 DSC_1286 DSC_1324 DSC_1258 DSC_1327 DSC_1335 DSC_1345

The North Cascades pass is an absolutely beautiful stretch of road with many lookouts and viewpoints.

Yes this drop off is pretty dam high.

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