The Rochester Airshow

THE ROCHESTER AIRSHOW    Today was my cross-training day so I rode to the airshow from a friend’s house, and we of course passed through Genesee Valley Park, otherwise known as the location of the McQuaid Invitational.  Advertisements

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TRACK MEET 5/2/2015

Today was the His and Her Invitational track meet in Penfield, New York. Most of my pictures are pretty bad; I was more interested in the races themselves than taking pictures, but feast your eyes on the unparalleled mediocrity. Captions included. First, there were some flowers in the fields before any races started so here’s that. […]

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TRACK MEET 4/2/2015

I hate taking pictures at public events because most people that own a DSLR camera are the artsy fartsy hipster, non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, vegan, kale type of person. I hate that. I hate kale. I don’t fit that description. P.S. Photo credits for the featured image (at the top) go to Sean/Shaun/Shawn/shän Mcmahon, who owns […]

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